Workshop On Succession planning with special focus on Family Business

Day, Date & Time: Sunday, 19th January 2020 from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM Venue: IMS UC Campus, Adhyatmik Nagar, NH 24, Ghaziabad

You have given your blood and soul to build your business but have you thought how would you safeguard your wealth & family? Did you make sure it keeps thriving and your legacy keeps inspiring for hundred years to come?
An effective succession planning helps you preserve a legacy that furthers your wealth, family & values.

It enables you to:

  1. Build, Grow & Safeguard Your Wealth;
  2. Protect Your Family; & Business’s Future; and
  3. Pass-on Your Legacy to Next-generation Amicably
Due to lack of awareness & practical application of Succession Act, most entrepreneurs invite:
  1. Disputes among the family members on distribution of their wealth & legacy
  2. Harassments from Bankers, Govt Authority, Creditors, Financial Lenders, etc.
  3. Uncertainty among key stakeholders of business, and many more such troubles.
This is a program for all who wish to ensure build, grow & safeguard their wealth. The speaker is Mr. Rakesh Sharma, who is a Succession planning guru and will introduce methods of improving ones financial health.
You are requested to please avail this opportunity and see what tips the top Succession planning guru gives for a successful and smooth succession in the business.

Brief profile of Mr. Rakesh Sharma is:
Rakesh Sharma is a renowned speaker, writer and financial consultant for entrepreneurs, estate-planners and SMEs. He is well recognized as a “Thought Leader” on the subjects of Succession Planning, Estate Planning and Business Growth.
Rakesh has helped over 2000 entrepreneurs build and protect wealth through his succession planning workshops and one-to-one consulting.
Known for his impeccable energy and zeal to excel, he is on strategy board of many SMEs and family or business councils where he helps senior executive chalk-out blueprint of growth and success.
He has a heart-felt focus in the specialized areas of Succession Planning where he helps entrepreneurs like you grow wealth, protect family’s future and preserve legacy.

There are no charges for the workshop. However, prior registration is a must so as to ensure adequate logistics arrangements.

For on-line registration, please click here and you will be able to register for the workshop.

Registrations may please be made by 16th January 2020.

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