Cover Story

 The 35th Annual General meeting of GMA was held on 23rd June at Hotel Fortune Inn Grazia, Ghaziabad.  This was attended by a good number of members comprising professionals, leading Industrialists, Academicians, and senior officers of organizations in this area.


Mr. Prabir Dash, representative from All India Management Association, New Delhi was present as part of the parent body to which GMA is affiliated. Representatives of the press were also present in the meeting to cover the event.


Mr. Vinay Gupta Executive Director, welcomed the members and read out the Minutes of previous year’s AGM which were ratified and approved by the members. Mr. Dharmendra Singh, the Hony. Secretary shared the GMA activities during the year and Mr. M K Rathi, the Hony. Treasurer shared the salient features of the GMA Audited accounts of 2017-18.  These were accepted as adopted and appreciated by all present. .  After these reports, the Governing Council members and Office Bearers released the Annual Activity Report for 2017-18 and the second edition of the GMA Members Directory.


Thereafter, Mr. Amit Agarwal, the President, GMA thanked the members for their consistent cooperation in organizing and successful completion of the activities of the Association through the year. He briefly outlined the new initiatives and activities that he would like the members to associate and help him and his team, accomplish in the coming year. The members present assured him of their best efforts and co-operation in this direction.  


The President, in his address stated that:

· He would like the Institutes to help in making students also as members of GMA.  He said that he would like to induct about 5 student members in the Executive Committee.  This would give a fresh thinking also to the activities being conducted by the Association.  

· Revision in the membership subscription fee for all categories of members with effect from 1st April 2019.

· Incubation programme for the students would be coordinated by GMA.  Students can come forward and share their ideas and Member industries can sponsor (financially and administratively), based on their understanding and involvement.  Some members volunteered for the above activity and provided support on the above initiative.

· GMA would apply for the ISO Certification, as applicable for an association.

· GMA would invest in the building for future expansion.  A committee would be formed for finalization of the location and execution.

The members were invited to the AGM along with their wives.  While the meeting was in progress, the wives were kept engaged in party games and social interactions.  After the meeting, the members along with their wives had refreshments and dinner.