Cover Story

 Members of Ghaziabad Management Association was invited to address the First year MBA students of ABES Engineering College in a seminar organized by them on 23rd April to share their experience, views and opinion on what & how to choose a specialization in their curriculum.


Those who participated and shared their views were Mr. Sudhir Sharma, CEO, Tenga Pharmaceutical Plastic Ltd., Mr. S S Sharma, Consultant and Principal Partner, System Dynamics, CA. Mr. Anil Agarwal, Mr. Sandesh Bhardwaj, Head HR, International Tobacco and Vinay Gupta, Executive Director GMA.


Every one shared their views which contained one thing in common that choice should be made based purely on one’s strengths & shortcomings and not on any trend or peer pressure etc.  IN the end there were quite many questions from the students which were clarified.  On the whole, the entire session was very interactive and appeared to be helpful to the students in boosting their self-confidence.



         Mr. S.S. Sharma, Speaker sharing his views with students